Home Pest Control: How To Use It Safely

How to use a "bug bomb" properly in the home.

An infestation of pests within the home is never a pleasant situation, but the knowledge of how to use a "bug bomb" can make correcting the issue a simple matter if approached properly. Pest foggers or "bug bombs" are chemicals that exterminate tough to kill pests like roaches and fleas by spraying a fine mist of deadly pesticides throughout the home. If used correctly foggers can have wonderful results, as they possess the ability to infuse pesticides into small spaces that are otherwise beyond reach.

It is important in using a "bug bomb" to read, understand and follow directions on the package to the letter. Most of the chemicals in pesticide foggers are flammable, and placing too many in a home can result in a fire or explosion, sparked by the pilot light on stoves, furnaces and hot water heaters. Similarly, overuse of "bug bombs" can present a threat to personal health by absorption into clothing and furniture. Foggers should only be used in open rooms and never placed into enclosed areas such as closets.

After reading the directions on a "bug bomb" make certain that all interior doors are open, the windows closed, and air conditioning or furnace are off. Make certain to follow the directions pertaining to food and beverage protection precisely to prevent possible poisoning, including pet foods and pet dishes. Place the foggers in the recommended locations throughout the home setting them of very quickly and exit the house. Before leaving place a note on the front door warning anyone who may have a key to your residence to stay out.

After staying away from home for the recommended time (usually 2 to 5 hours) enter the house and open all of the windows, turn on the air conditioning or furnace and leave the house again for at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Upon returning home, remove all of the fogger units and wash your hands thoroughly. The kitchen now requires a quick cleaning in order to remove any pesticide residue that remains on food preparation areas. Wipe stove, counter, and table tops, and clean dish strainers and kitchen sinks. Wet mop tile floors in the home including the bathroom and especially the kitchen, as pets may eat food from the floor and become ill.

Always use caution when applying "bug bombs" to home pest control issues, employ due care in both use and cleanup measures. An interesting fact pertaining to the use of pesticide foggers is that an estimated 500 homes catch fire annually resulting from their use. Don't let yours become a related statistic!


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