Homemade Remedies To Control Ants

How to control ants both inside and outside of the home using homemade remedies.

An invasion of ants onto your property or into your home is never a pleasant experience or one that is simple to control, because the ant's diet is so diverse that they find food wherever they travel. Whether an issue with ants is indoors or outside, the habits of an ant colony are the same and by understanding their habits, a homeowner can gain a bit of an upper hand in the battle. Ant "scouts" go out and search for food, return to the colony and worker ants then travel back and forth between the food source and the colony, taking food back to the queen. The best homemade remedies to control ants are those that either prevent the ants from obtaining food or ones that can kill the queen, thereby stopping the colony from growing.

For an ant issue outside of the home one of the very best home remedies to control them is to locate the ant colony and then pour several gallons of boiling water on and into it. This method not only scalds the ants on contact, but also destroys the physical structure of the ant colony itself. Another excellent way to control ants outside is to utilize diatomaceaous earth as a weapon in the battle. Diatomaceaous earth is great for killing ants, as when they walk across or through it they cut the underside of their bodies, eventually causing death. A one-inch wide circle of diatomaceaous earth spread around an anthill and a border around the base of the home serves as a very good border between the ants and humans. The use of instant grits has been shown to have great success in eliminating ants outside, and may even be able to kill the queen of the colony with a little luck. The basic idea is to spread instant grits near the anthill on a dry and sunny day, and the worker ants will take them inside of the colony. After eating the grits the ants will ingest water, the grits swell inside of the ants and they die.

Home remedies to control ants inside of the home all incorporate items that ants generally dislike or find offensive. Bay leaves or cloves placed in the corners of cabinets storing food will often keep ants away because they do not like the smell. Soaking a cotton swab in peppermint extract and coating the edges of shelves in cabinets can obtain the same results. Talcum or baby powder, vinegar, cayenne pepper and boric acid are all very useful to control ants inside of the home.

The best way to control ants is to utilize a number of home remedies collectively, in order to establish several lines of defense and therefore increase the chances of prevention.


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